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Hosea prophesied during period of the 1st temple, Israel still dwelt in the Land.


"The Yalkut Shimoni" cites the conversation between the prophet and his maker which brought home to him how close is the tie that binds husband and wife, and by this example made him understand that G-D, having betrothed Israel to Himself at Sinai, could not abandon his unfaithful people without repeating attempts at reconciliation.




Your old men will dream dreams, your young men shall see visions.1 Enoch 14:8, 18, 20.


"Behold, in the vision clouds invited me and a mist summoned me, and the course of the stars and the lightnings sped and hastened me, and the winds in the vision caused me to fly and lifted me upwards, and bore me into heaven ... and I looked and saw therein a lofty throne ... and the great glory sat thereon, and his raiment shone more brightly than the sun ..."


I looked and saw therein a lofty throne: its appearance was as crystal, and the wheels there of the shining sun, and there was the vision of cherubim.


Underneath the throne came streams of flaming fire so that I could not look thereon. The great Glory sat thereon, His raiment shone more brightly than the sun, whiter than snow.


No angel could enter and behold His face, by reason of the magnificence and glory, and no flesh could behold him. Flaming fire was round about him, a great fire stood before Him, and none could draw nigh.


10 000 x 10 000 stood before Him, yet he needed no counsellor. The Most Holy Ones who were nigh to Him did not leave by night nor depart from Him. (Cherubim)


Rabbi Aqiba


"Happy is the man who knows it and is careful in its regard, for he merits to inherit eternal life in the world to come."


R. Ishmael said: "He who recites the secret shall have a glowing face and an attractive body and his fear shall be cast upon his fellow man and his good name shall be known among Israel: His dreams shall be peaceful and His Torah shall be stored upon his hand (such that) he never forget (any) words of the Torah for all of his days."


"It is good for him in this world and peaceful for him in the world to come. The evil inclination holds no sway over him and he is safe from spirits, demons, damages and robbers, and from evil animals, snakes, scorpions and imps."


"And furthermore, I R. Aqiba, once we learned the dimensions of our creator, (found that it was) good for us in the world and peaceful for us (when we contemplate our future in) the world to come."


Dead Sea Scrolls 4Q 491 fragments: 20-22


"[EL Elyon gave me a seat among] those perfect forever, a mighty throne in the congregation of the gods. None of the kings of the east shall sit in it and their nobles shall not [come near it]. No edomite shall be like me in glory, and none shall be exalted save me, none shall come against me. For I have taken my seat in the [congregation] in the heavens and none [find fault with me]. I shall be reckoned with gods and established in the holy congregation. I do not desire [gold] as would a man of flesh; everything precious to me is the glory of [my G-D]."


"[The status of a holy temple] not to be violated, has been attributed to me, and who can compare with me in glory?"


"What voyager will return and tell [of my equivalent] who [laughs] at grief's as I do? And who is like me [in bearing] evil?”


“Moreover, if I lay down the law in a lecture [my instruction] is beyond comparison [of any man's]."


"And who will attack me for my utterances? And who will contain the flow of my speech? And who will call me into court and be my equal? In my legal judgement [none will stand against me]. I shall be reckoned with gods, and my glory, with [that of] the kings sons. Neither refined gold, nor gold of ophir [can match my wisdom]."


Hekhalot Passage (Synopse 109)


"When the time for the afternoon prayer arrives each day, the glorious King sits and extols the "hayyot". Before he finishes speaking, the holy "hayyot" come out from beneath the throne of Glory. Their mouths are full of exultation, their wings full of joy, their hands playing music, and their feet dancing."


"They surround their king, one on his right and one on His left, one before Him another behind."


"They embrace and kiss Him and uncover their faces. They uncover, while the king of Glory covers His face."


"The firmament Avarot splits open like a sieve before the glorious King..."


Nag Hammadi Texts: Sabaoth


And as he [Sabaoth} had authority, he made himself first of all a mansion. It was huge, magnificent, 7 times as great as all those that exist in the 7 heavens.


And before his mansion he created a throne, which was huge and was upon the 4 faced chariot called "cherubim".


Now the cherubim had 8 shapes per each of the 4 corners so that all the forms amount to 64 forms and he created 7 archangels that stand before it, he is the 8th, and has authority. All the forms amount to 72 ...


3 Enoch Synopse 14


... in 3 Enoch 2, Metatron declares that: "all the secrets of the world, and all the secrets of creation are revealed before me as they are revealed before the Creator. Metatron states that out of the great love and mercy which the Holy One, BBH, loved and adored me more than all the children of heavens, He wrote with his finger, with a burning style, upon the crown of my head the letters by which the heavens and earth were created."


Note: These are shapes that make up heaven and earth, the geometry, rather than textual letters.


3 Enoch 22


"Above them is a prince, noble, wonderful, mighty, praised with all manner of praise: Keruviel YHWH is his name, a valiant prince, full of boundless power, a majestic prince, with whom is majesty. A righteous prince, with whom is righteousness, a Holy prince, with whom is Holiness. A prince glorified by thousands of hosts, a prince extolled by countless legions."


"A crown of Holiness is on his head, with a sacred name engraved upon it, from which lightning flickers. The bow of the shekinah is across his shoulders, his sword, like lightning flashes, are in his belt, a breastplate of consuming fire hangs round his neck, and the coals of juniper encompass him. The splendour of the shekinah is on his face; horns of majesty are on his wheels, a royal turban crowns his head."


Tree of Life


Introduction to the Kabbalah

Z'ev Ben Shimon Halevi

Notes in old italics are my interpretation


Preface: The Tree of Life is an analogue of the Absolute, the Universe and Man. Man, meeting point between Heaven and Earth, is an image of his creator. A complete but unrealised tree in miniature, and lower than the angels, his is to choose to rise higher by climbing the branches of himself, and so to gain the ultimate fruit.


The relative universe hovers between the poles, all and nothing. Either end of the axis can be seen as nothing or all as both become the entry and exit for the absolute who stands apart from creation.


The tree is a model of the universe. it is a template of all the world, carrying within it a recurring system of order. Any complete sub organism or organisation is an imitation of its plan. Man is the prime example. He is a microcosm of the macrocosm.


As man is an image of creation so creation is but a reflection of the creator. Through the tree of life we have an objective connection which gives us insight and knowledge by the principle of parallel- into the upper and lower, inner and outer universes.


The Lightning Flash

#treeoflife# Beginning with 1: Kether, the Crown, it flows towards 2: Hochma, Wisdom, where it manifests itself as a potent dynamic at the top of the active column headed by Abba the Cosmic Father, or Male Principle.


Then it crosses to 3: Binah, Understanding, which as Aima the Cosmic Mother, heads the Female Column.


The active and passive columns are also called the Pillars of Severity and Mercy, the latter being the Male.


Note: Lightning strikes the centre of the Crown, the Throne Room, the energy then passes to the Male Boaz (Angel of Smoke) column, and then to the Female Jachin (Angel of Fire) column.


The Flow emanations, not diminished in essential nature, though transforming into another order, then crosses the central column of equipoise and passes on to the Sephira 4: Hesed, or mercy.


Note: The central column of equipoise (containing Daat), is the diagonal line from Kether to Malcut. Hesed is the Mercy Seat, or Chariot Seat (Altar) on which the Throne Room hovers. Daat is the space that the energy jumps from Binah to Hesod.


Here, the power, on being received into the active column again, takes on the dynamic expanse quality of this stage, before emanating across to 5: Gevura, or Judgement.


Note: These are the chains that carry and balance the Central Mercy Seat/Altar/Throne Room.


Here the forces are checked, balanced, and adjusted, before being passed on to 6: Tepheret, the vital Sephira on the middle of the tree. At this juncture there is a critical point of equilibrium. Tepheret, or beauty, has a special relationship with Kether the Crown, by connection through the axis of the central column.


Note: Tepheret is the backbone of the Horses/Cherubim carrying the Throne.


The only thing that separates Tepheret from Kether is an unseen Sephera known as Daat, or Knowledge, which functions only in particular conditions.


At Tepheret an image is held, it is a mirror of Kether, but operating on a lower scale. The emanations are then passed into the active Sephira 7: Netzah, or eternity.


This is the point where active functions repeat and repeat to maintain the energy level. From the transformer the emanations cross to 8: Hod - Splendour. This may be translated from the Hebrew root word as reverberation, which is perhaps a better description of the function of Hod, whose job it is to pick up and pass on information.


From here the emanations again touch the central column and focus on 9: Yesod - the Foundation. Here they are again mirrored, but more dimly, being a reflection of a reflection - powerful enough to cast a strong projection - but only a projection.


Directly below is the last Sephira, 10: Malcut - the Kingdom.


Note: The Kingdom suggests the outer reaches of the Tree, the encompassing aspect, related to the Great Angel.


The Sphiroth on the tree might be regarded as a system of functions in a circuit through which flows a Divine current.


Each function creates not only phenomena, but transforms all the adjacent sub- circuits. Any Sephiroph can change the direction of the flow, creating variable fields and actions. Power may be stepped up or down in all the Sephiroth thereby modifying events, while the current returns to the source via the earth of Malcut.


Qabalistic Symbolism


On the Spheres of the Tree of Life

Gareth Knight


Geburah (The Chains)


This Sephirah is of adjustment and assessment, a sphere of absolute and unmitigated truth.


 Note: Area of Rainbow Light.



One could say that it would have been in the light of Geburah that on the 7 days of creation, G-D looked at what he had done ... was good.


There is an aspect of Gerburah known as "The Hall of Justice" or "Hall of the Lord of Karma". Justice:- as the perfect balance between mercy and severity, is properly assigned to Daat, the conjunction of Chokmah and Binah.


The aspect of Gerburah can be imagined as a Great Hall, completely empty, but radiant throughout with scarlet light. Justice, not Judgement, no sentence in pronounced... Silence reigns supreme. The silence of Binah, understanding ... to which Gerburah is united.




Tiphareh is the central sephirah of the Tree of Life, the keystone of the whole creation, holding the balance between all the other sephiroth which it connects: between G-D in the highest in Kether and the physical universe of malcut, between the upper and the lower poles of the psyche in Daat and Yesod between the opposites of Chokmah and Binah, Chesed and Hod, Geburah and Netzach


Note: Central structural supports from which the structure emanates, is held up and held together.


There are 2 sides to this sephirah and is a linking sephirah, reconciling the upper to lower tree.

Note: Linking to Netzah and Hod.

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